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Victoria Woodhull

“Canadian actress Ashley Ford does an exemplary job in portraying Woodhull with pride and confidence.”
“Ford does a remarkable job in evoking Woodhull’s vitality.”
"Mad congrats to playwright Theo Salter in writing this much needed salute for a woman who could have been a simple and forgotten footnote in history"
“...this holy trinity of theater is exciting, fresh and ready to be devoured like a delicious full course meal.”
- Mary Montoro, All About the Stage

Audience Accolades

Audience reviews from the Hollywood Fringe Festival:

“A fantastic performance. An inspiring story. A must see of the Fringe Fest 2018.”
“Fun and very informative! Great performance from lead actress. Victoria Woodhull lived quite the life—so if you don’t know her story, the show gives a good look into her life and the women’s suffrage movement in the US.”
“ inspiring piece of theater that reminds women of how far we have come in our struggle for women's rights and how far we still have to go. It was amazing how there were still so many parallels in the 1800's to today's political climate.”
“Deeply affecting historical show so relevant for today’s women reality with an eloquent script by Theo and captivating performance by Ashley.”
“A very fine and rapidly-paced performance by Ashley Ford. She brings laughter and insight to the subject of equality and love.”
“This one person show draws you into the fascinating story of Victoria Woodhull, who I certainly had never heard of, but was an early feminist and free love advocate who was clearly well known at the time, and ran for president in 1872. The show is lively and funny and informative, and relevant to today.”
“A powerful, fascinating, and enlightening portrayal of Victoria Woodhull. Ashely Ford is magnetic on stage and delivers an outstanding performance that captivates the audience. Theo Salter’s writing is cerebral and scholarly yet incredibly accessible. Both Ford and Salter do a beautiful job breathing life into Victoria Woodhull—the show is perfect for the 2018 zeitgeist and the #metoo movement. What an empowering and timely show!”

Dreaming of sexual healing, sort of...

"...Owl & Pussycat Theatre Company present possibly the first online sex comedy."
"...the script and performances are pin-sharp..."
"...Christine Lane is excellent as the sly Else..."
"Sean Dillingham turns the deeply needy Joe into such a grotesque character is it hardly surprising even his therapist tries to avoid him."
"Ashley Ford is the closest to a sympathetic character (even if she must be rotten at her job); her expressive face showing a growing awareness she is getting out of her depth and comically struggling to regain control."
"...the play is worth watching for a fine script and performances. Besides, any play that concludes by paraphrasing Back to the Future is worth your attention."
 - David Cunningham,
British Theatre Guide
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